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Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first, and the lesson afterward.

-Oscar Wilde

About The Cohen Clinic

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We are a Toronto based holistic wellness therapy practice focusing on the mind-body connection. We are a team of Clinical Psychologists, Registered Psychotherapists, Registered Social Workers and Registered Dietitians.  


Psychological therapy at The Cohen Clinic will help you gain a better understanding of yourself with effective coping skills to help you make changes.  Using evidence-based approaches, the therapy we provide you with is proven to increase your happiness and motivation. Dietetic services at the clinic will improve your physical health in order to better support your mental health. 

We are dedicated to assisting you in overcoming difficulties in your life.  We will work with you to identify goals you wish to achieve and provide you with evidence-based health services.  We will help you reach your highest potential based on clinical skills which have been honed through education and varied work experiences.

Contact the clinic today to start the conversation about your mental and/or physical health.  The Clinic Coordinator will provide you with a free phone consultation to discuss your needs and provide you with information. 

We are Ontario based therapists who are here to help!

Mental Health Stigma

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According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, 20% of Canadians experience mental health difficulties in their lifetime and 49% of people who feel they have suffered from depression or anxiety never sought treatment.  Staggering stats! 


Unfortunately, seeking services for mental health difficulties is frequently seen as a weakness. If someone has a physical health problem like diabetes or a broken bone, they seek medical attention. In fact, it would be viewed as neglect if one didn’t see a professional for these matters. So why is mental health viewed differently when these difficulties are so prevalent? Think of how brave someone has to be to see a psychologist: an individual sees an essential stranger and bares their inner thoughts and feelings in order to receive assistance. That is courageous and strong!


Part of the problem is based out of a systemic issue. Our healthcare system does not recognize the right of each individual to receive mental health services, and coverage on extended mental health care plans is often extremely limited. This is a shame; the mind and body have a strong connection so people experiencing mental health difficulties often experience comorbid physical health difficulties.  Both of these arenas can impact academic, work, and personal functioning, which inevitably takes a toll on our healthcare system.


In order to overcome stigma, an essential step toward change is changing your own attitude toward mental health. This grassroots process to change is something that we all personally have control over.  It involves empathizing with another versus sitting in judgment of their experience in the world.  Even if you have never experienced a chronic mental health difficulty, think of a day when you felt sad or anxious, and alone with these concerns; now imagine someone who struggles in this way regularly. Additionally, if you experience a chronic mental health concern, we encourage you to not criticize yourself. No one asks to experience this type of pain, so adding self-criticism to your existing struggle is not helpful. Our hope is that we can all work toward being kinder to others and ourselves and sack stigma for good! 

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