The 5 for 5 Plan

I don’t need to go into the clichés of how busy we all are in this day and age. What I will say, is that when we combine our busy lives with difficult emotions, we are left feeling particularly overwhelmed. Worry, sadness, stress, anger, hopelessness, frustration, irritability - all examples of frequently occurring emotions that can be hard to manage. When we are short on time, the coping strategies we have, may become inconvenient or irrelevant to our routine. Enter: The Five for Five Plan. This simple plan involves identifying five coping strategies that you can use in under five minutes. The idea is to give your body and mind a break while uplifting yourself. It is important to identify activities that bring you joy and rejuvenate you. Spending five minutes mindfully engaging in something that makes you feel good is an easy way to care for yourself.

Examples are:

  • Make your favourite cup of tea

  • Stretch

  • Dance

  • Listen to relaxation audio or meditate

  • Do a crossword puzzle or Sudoku

  • Journal

  • Identify three things you feel grateful for

  • Give yourself a hand massage

  • Take a quick walk

  • Watch a video on YouTube

  • Listen to your favourite song

We may not have time to go for an hour long massage or a vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t engage in self-care in quick easy ways!

Until next time!

Dr. Cohen

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